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Do you need an electrician in Mornington for your medical facility? Our team is qualified to provide the medical industry with a wide range of electrical services, from cardiac-protected electrical work to body-protected electrical work.

Our trained electricians have years of experience in working with electrical systems in healthcare buildings. It's also important to understand that body-protected electrical areas and cardiac-protected electrical areas are required under the Australian Standard 3003 law. This ensures the safety of all patients who are subject to the use of electrical medical equipment. For example, there are highly specific laws that govern the locations of electrical sockets in relation to medical equipment, the inclusion of readily accessible isolating switches, and even the cross-sectional area measurements of earthing conductors.

All of the work that we carry out for our medical customers is designed to meet the standards set forth by the AS/NZS 3003-2011 law. The electrical installations we can provide in patient areas are numerous, and these areas include:

No matter which of these rooms or areas you require assistance with, we will provide you with timely and efficient service. Before our work begins, we inspect these areas to determine the correct course of action. Once the work is complete, you can take comfort in the increased safety afforded to those in your care. Contact us today if you'd like to learn more.

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