Emergency Exit Light Installation Services

Did you know as per the Australian Emergency Lighting Compliance, commercial buildings and multi-residential buildings including schools, offices, hotels and sporting venues must have reliable emergency exit light installation? Want A Sparky offers professional and timely exit sign installation services to help clients enhance the safety of their homes and office buildings.

With our premium installation services, you can ensure the safety of your staff, employees, visitors and family during an emergency. In case there is an emergency arises and you need to evacuate safely out of the building, the exit lights will provide adequate lighting so that you can leave the building without any hassle.

We can assist you with emergency exit light installation. To know more, get in touch with our team today.

Why go for an emergency exit light inspection?

Whether it’s a school building, shopping complex or commercial workspace, every building must have an effective evacuation strategy to deal with emergencies. In case of an electrical failure or fire hazard, you can exit the building safely.

Our emergency exit light inspection will enable you to ensure all your exit lights are working properly and you can rely on them during a blackout or electrical failure. Want A Sparky has a team of professional technicians who conduct a thorough inspection of your building’s emergency lighting systems. We have the tools and equipment to check the working of emergency lights and make sure they will work when you need them to.

Why choose our emergency lighting services?

Emergencies can arise at anytime, anywhere. You need to have a reliable emergency lighting system that allows all the occupants and people to exit a building during a power outage. We offer emergency lighting services in accordance with the Australian Building Regulations. We comply with the safety regulations and make sure all the exit lights and kept well-maintained.

Whether it’s open-area lighting or high-risk task-area lighting, we conduct emergency exit light testing on all types of emergency lights to maintain home or workplace safety. Our staff will ensure the emergency lighting installation fully complies with the highest quality standards.

We have worked on hundreds of installation projects over the years and continue to keep buildings safe during electrical failures and power outages. We install emergency lights that will produce light, allowing you to make your way through the exit points and prevent injuries due to a blackout.

What can we do to help?

Our emergency lighting inspection includes all exit doors as well as the designated escape routes. At Want A Sparky, we do not compromise on the safety and well-being of our clients. We understand the importance of securing commercial and residential buildings during an emergency, that’s why our experts are here to help you with lighting installation and inspection.

If you need an emergency light or exit sign installation, call us today.


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