Split System Air Conditioner Installation

Split system air conditioners are widely popular as they are more energy-efficient and provide a reliable cooling system for homes and offices. They are much easier to install as compared to traditional air conditioning systems and do not require any ductwork. At Want A Sparky, we offer split-system air conditioner installation services at cost-effective prices. We take care of the entire installation process and make sure that your newly installed AC unit will work for many years to come.

Why choose us?

We offer efficient and timely installation solutions for heating and cooling systems. Your split system air conditioner heating system will provide rapid cooling and heating and you will be able to create a pleasant and comfortable environment in your home or office. 


For split system aircon installation, we will cater to all your installation needs. Whatever your installation specifications are, our specialists will work with you to create a tailored plan and offer customised solutions. We work with experienced and skilled engineers and installers to offer satisfactory results.  

Our team will take care of all the technical requirements. Once the unit is installed, you can count on us for performing future maintenance tasks to increase the lifespan of your cooling and heating unit.

Split System Air Conditioner Service

Do you want to improve the efficiency of your split system air conditioner? We can help. Diagnosing AC defects and faults at an early stage can help you resolve the issue before it leads to bigger problems. We provide split system air conditioner service in Melbourne, ensuring your AC unit will continue to operate efficiently throughout the summer. Our reliable and trustworthy repair and maintenance services will not only make your life more relaxed but will also help you maintain an ideal temperature indoors.

With regular servicing, you can also ensure you get a constant supply of fresh air and eliminate germs and contaminants. So, if you need split system air conditioner installation, contact us today. One of our team members will visit your location for an initial assessment. Discuss your installation requirements and we will prepare a free, no-obligation quote for you.


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