Hot Water Heat Pumps

We work with authorised retailers and provide hot water upgrades to both residential and commercial sectors through the Victorian Energy Upgrade Program. Harnessing thousands of dollars of rebates for end user.

Victorian households are eligible to have their electric hot water system upgraded to an energy efficient hot water heat pump free of charge. Thanks to the Victorian Energy Upgrade Program, we can now offer our service for the supply and installation of your new heat pump for free to eligible households, saving hundreds in long term costs.

Three steps to receive your
new hot water system 

1. Register

Give us a call or fill in the enquiry form below to see if you qualify for a free Hot Water Heat Pump.

2. Confirm

Once you complete the registration process, one of our team members will get in touch to confirm your eligibility.

3. Install

We will schedule the installation with you on a suitable time and day.


Free supply and installation. Hot water heat pump systems valued over $3,000. 
* Residential limit 2 x per site. Commercial unlimited per site.