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Do you need electrical RCD testing? We at Want A Sparky can help you make sure your home is electrically safe. With residual current device testing, we prevent safety hazards such as electrocution while ensuring your RCD is in good working condition. The role of an RCD is to quickly detect ground fault current and disconnect the power supply.

Whether it’s your home or office, we work extensively to keep your family and staff safe from electrical hazards. With our professional RCD testing, we will make sure that your RCD is operating as it is supposed to. As the RCD is designed to switch off the power supplied to that circuit, testing the RCD is a great way to improve its performance and find out if your RCD Is tripping on time or not. Even a small electric shock can be dangerous, that’s why our competent staff is here to assist you with RCD testing in Melbourne.


If you currently do not have an RCD and want to go for an RCD installation, we can help you with that. In case an electrical fault occurs and your equipment or device is not connected to the socket outlet, it can lead to a potential electrical or fire hazard. Here comes the role of our trained and licensed electricians who will install RCD in your home or workplace.

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Why RCD Testing is important?

An RCD testing procedure is done to evaluate if there is an imbalance when the current going into or out of an electrical circuit doesn’t match. This help in confirming if the RCD can automatically disconnect power when the imbalance is detected. At Want A Sparky, we carry the latest, specialised testing equipment to conduct a thorough analysis of the RCD.

Conducting RCD testing regularly is crucial in ensuring that it is working properly. With our professional help, you can easily conduct advanced RCD tests and assess the condition of your device.

One important reason for residual current device testing is to get shock protection in case of any electrical hazard. You can enhance the protection level of your home or office and have peace of mind knowing all your RCDs are functioning properly.

Advantages of RCD Testing:

  • Helps detect errors and/or faults in the RCD
  • Helps determine if there are any repairs or replacements needed
  • Helps ensure the RCD is functioning properly
  • Helps improve the safety levels in case an electrical hazard occurs
  • Helps comply with the electrical safety regulations of the building

Do you want to determine whether or RDC is working properly or not? We can help. Even the smallest amount of earth leakage can trip the RCD and this can overload the circuit. To prevent this from happening, choose our residual current device testing services. We specialise in ensuring all your electrical systems and appliances are in check by offering advanced testing services.

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