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Your trusted residential installation and maintenance electricians.

Want an Audit are trusted by a number of Real Estate agencies and Body Corporates on the Mornington Peninsula to attend to all of their maintenance and installation needs.

We do both Gas & Electrical inspections for residential rental properties as per the new legislation from the residential tenancy regulation act 2021. We have over 2000 properties under this program.

Our team will co-ordinate all appointments directly with the renters, taking the stress out of the process and ensuring all jobs are complete to a high standard every time.

We have a team of dedicated staff for the compliance program that will assist and support all enquiries from both property managers and rental providers to help educate and answer any questions that may arise from the testing requirements. 

Anything from attending an emergency call-out to a Real Estate renter without power, to installation of all Body Corporate community lighting in a apartment complex. No job is too big or small.

residential installation maintenance electricians

Do you want a real estate compliance report? Whether you’re planning to buy a new home or have already moved into a new home, you must make sure your new home is safe and secure electrically. It is equally essential for both property managers and renters to get an electrical inspection done. Want A Sparky has worked with several real estate agencies; we have the experience and expertise to carry out electrical service inspections, making sure the residential property is free of electrical faults and hazards.

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Real estate agents, property managers and renters can keep their property safe and avoid potential electrical damage with our residential electrical inspection services. For real estate compliance, our experts conduct electrical compliance checks. Here, we assess and monitor the functioning of electrical installations, fittings, appliances, switchboards and power points. Based on our assessment, we will supply a compliance report.

Why do you need an electrical service inspection?

There are potential electrical issues that can pose a danger if not resolved on time, such as buzzing electrical noises or frayed wires that can cause electrical shocks. Want A Sparky offers residential electrical inspection services to make sure that electrical systems and appliances in your home run smoothly.

From flickering lights to non-functioning electrical appliances, whatever the problem is, our qualified electricians will find the cause of the fault and offer a solution to resolve the problem.

When you get regular electrical installation inspections done, you will have peace of mind knowing your home is 100% electrically safe. Our team pays attention to even the smallest details, which helps us to identify the cause of problems in electrical wiring, appliances, and components. If there are any overloaded circuits or defective wires, we can sort those out. Our job is to find the problems that may lead to electrical hazards and help prevent them from happening.

The electrical service inspections we offer are specifically designed to find, assess, and fix potential electrical hazards before they either cost you money or threaten your life. Once the inspection is done, you can be sure that your electrical wires and systems are functioning to their full ability.

Residential electrical installation in Melbourne

Need professional electricians for residential electrical installation? The team of Want A Sparky can help. We have experience working in residential and commercial environments. Our staff provide trustworthy and reliable electrical installation and upgrade services to keep you safe. When you hire us, we will ensure that your home or residential property meets all electrical safety standards.

So, if you want to make sure your property is electrically safe and reliable, choose one of our residential electrical installation services. We help our clients find more ways to save money on their monthly energy bills and protect their homes from electrical hazards by finding problems early and avoiding malfunctions.

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$265 (every 2 years)


$285 (every 2 years)


$99 (every year)


Total Package ($148 Savings)

Gas, Electrical & Smoke

$525 / every 2 years

Smoke Alarms

$75 / on the odd year


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