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Electric vehicles have gained immense popularity in Melbourne. They help save money and are high-performing and energy-efficient. But the biggest concern for every electric vehicle owner is how to keep the vehicle charged. If you own an electric car or are planning to buy one, you need a professional EV charger installation in Melbourne.

Having your own charging station at home can be very convenient as it helps save you time and allows you to charge the vehicle at your convenience. Whether you need electric car charger installation for your home or business facility, We at Want A Charger are here to aid you. We specialise in offering electric vehicle charger installation services.

With our installation services, you’ll have 24/7 access to charging stations. Charge your electric vehicle at your home or office, check the charging process and schedule the charging times, everything is possible when you have dedicated electric vehicle charger installers.

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Why go for electric car charging station installation?

Ensuring good maintenance of your electric vehicle can be a long and tedious process. If you have access to your own charging station, you can save time and effort. It also helps simplify the charging process and allows you to charge your vehicle during the day or night at your convenience.

With reliable electric car charging station installation services for your home and business, you can install compatible charging systems on your property and get many long-term benefits.

Benefits of EV charger installation:

  • Help save you time and money
  • Convenient access to charging station
  • Ensures your electric vehicle is fully charged
  • Increases property value
  • Offers smart charging solutions
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What do we offer?

At Want A Sparky, we are backed by a team of specialist EV charger installers who will assess your needs and offer a customised solution. We come prepared with the charging station equipment and other installation tools to get the job done as quickly as possible.

If you have an electric car, finding a place to charge it should not be a problem. We offer rapid installation services across Melbourne with the aim of improving the lives of our clients. With our installation services, you will have access to a convenient charging solution instead of waiting in lines to use public charging stations.

We are one of the leading EV charging installation companies in Melbourne, offering reliable services that best cater to your needs. When you choose to install an EV charging station on your property, you can make a significant amount of savings in the long run.

Our fast-charging stations charge the vehicle quickly depending on the size of the charger and vehicle make and model. We ensure a safe and hassle-free vehicle charging experience for our clients by supplying compatible electric car chargers.

Are you looking for expert EV charger installers? Look no further than Want A Sparky. We have a team of licensed electricians who will install EV charging stations for you. From the station installation to charging the vehicle, our experts will be there to aid you throughout the process.

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Commercial Charging


Installing a commercial Electric Vehicle charging station promotes more than just the green credentials of a company, it highlights the brand as a progressive leader in technology. Commercial charging stations help EV drivers commit to a greener form of transportation.

A wall box unit allows you to future-proof any car park while charging at the fastest possible speeds. Want A Charger can supply and install high quality Australian certified EV charging stations which charge up to 10x the speed of a standard slow portable EV charger supplied with your car.

Be part of the future of transportation and install an EV charging station today.



Want A Charger can supply and Install a comprehensive range of electric vehicle charging stations for your home. From Charging stations, portable electrical vehicle chargers to E-mobility connectors. All our products recommended meet Australian standards for quality and safety assurance. Installation starting from as little as $500. 

Residential Charging

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