Gas Disconnection Services

Do you have a gas meter you no longer need? Or want to remove it temporarily? There can be many reasons why you need gas meter removal from your property such as property renovation, the need to install the meter in the right location or property demolition. Whatever your reason is, we at Want A Sparky are here to assist you. You can count on us for safe gas disconnection and meter removal for your property.

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The gas meter must be safely removed and disconnected or else it can pose a high risk. Here comes the role of Want A Sparky’s specialists who will carry out the task and remove the gas meter. Our team will ensure that your property’s gas supply is disconnected and the meter is removed safely.


We pride ourselves on our ability to offer timely and reliable gas meter disconnection services across Melbourne while adhering to the gas meter removal requirements. We carry out each part of the process with minimal disruption and guarantee satisfactory output.

Once you have booked our services, our team members will visit your location for an initial on-site inspection and will implement the gas disconnection procedure safely. We take the final meter reading and provide, expert advice to our customers on safe gas removal practices.

Planning a gas meter removal? Get in touch with us and one of our team members will help you understand the entire process step by step.

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Want A Sparky offers a comprehensive range of gas meter disconnection services. Our tailored solutions are designed to make the process as quick and seamless as possible. We strive to deliver the services on time and within your budget.

Process of gas meter disconnection:

Submit your gas account with us including your business premise address, your business name and contact details and your ABN. Fill out the online form and contact us via phone call or e-mail. Contact your utility supplier and inform them about gas meter removal.

We will send out the payment information based on the site survey and will prepare a plan of action. Our team will start with the site preparation and complete the removal process as quickly as possible. After the work is done, we will issue a disconnection certificate.

Our qualified technicians are backed by many years of experience in both domestic and commercial properties. If you’re looking for gas meter disconnection services, Want A Sparky can assist you throughout the process.


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