Switchboard Audits & Replacements

Electrical appliances are becoming increasingly powerful and increasingly abundant due to advancements in modern technology. Because of this, older switchboard systems might not be able to handle some of the increased electrical loads that are being sent through them.

If your switchboard is ill-equipped to sustain the load, you may experience a short circuit or even an electrical fire. Switchboard audits and health reports are designed to test your current switchboard and identify whether or not it requires an upgrade.

Our switchboard audits are comprehensive in order to ensure that we provide you with the proper diagnosis and solution every time. Thermal imaging is taken across the switchboard, which helps to identify if any wires are exposed; RCD testing puts the switchboard through numerous tests that are meant to assess its efficacy. The legend plate on your switchboard will also be updated if necessary, while your circuits will be properly identified and labelled.

Safety Audits

Once your electrical components have been damaged, the safety of you and everyone else on your property may be at risk. Short circuits, loss of power, and electrical fires are among the potential hazards that can be avoided with the proactive maintenance that we offer.

Our electrical safety audits are very similar to our switchboard audits, as they rigorously test the health of electrical appliances and wiring throughout your home. Some of the main services provided with safety audits include detailed switchboard health reports and thermal imaging, the latter of which can easily identify any bad wiring that may be present.

RCD testing is also done throughout the property. If any problem is present, we will get started on repairs immediately.

For commercial properties, exit and emergency testing is available to ensure that your lighting works properly in the event of fire or other issue. Contact us today to get started.