Appliance Repairs

We provide our customers with a complete solution for their appliances and spare part needs.

We service and are experts in the following:

Hot Water Services

Electric Storage Units 

  • element replacements 
  • Thermostat replacements 
  • off peak and on peak supply checks 
  • total hot water service replacement 


wall oven, free-standing oven, stove, HOB, upright oven 

  • fault finding 
  • fan replacements 
  • element replacements 
  • thermostat replacements 
  • thermal overload replacements 
  • door,hinge or seal replacements 
  • clock replacements 
  • rotory selector replacements 
  • total oven replacement 

Range Hoods

fixed under mount range hood, slide out range hood, canopy range hood 

  • fault finding 
  • fan replacement 
  • control panel replacement 
  • PCB replacement 
  • lamp replacement 
  • total range hood replacement